Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama: Nobel Prize Winner

The cult of personality that is Barack Obama has reached a still higher level of power and influence today. He was unanimously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by the Nobel Prize Committee for his vision and the work he has done around the world.

What work, I ask? What specifically has he done to make the world a more peaceful place? Iran is still making weekly threats against Israel, North Korean relations have crumbled further, and he has expanded the war in Afghanistan, encompassing parts of Pakistan and is considering expanding it further with another troop deployment.

This selection is like the last presidential election in miniature. The judges were clearly so won over by his flowery speech and promises of a better world that they paid no attention to his track record, which is essentially blank.

I honestly would rather have seen Bono get the Prize. I'm serious.

Brb, off to buy a commemorative T-Shirt!


  1. I liked Larry Reed's status update about it, "May I please have a Nobel Prize in Economics for balancing my checkbook? Or how about one in Medicine for reading my prescription labels? Hey, I think I should qualify for one in Physics for not throwing away my college physics text."

    When one of his commentators asked if he was being jealous, he replied, "I could not be jealous of anyone who is handed a prize that has been devalued beyond recognition." Which I think is totally right. The award isn't to commend any accomplishment other than winning favor of the current political clout.

    Also, I want to see your commemorative shirt now.

  2. Iran is not making threats against Israel. The U.S. is making threats against Iran.

  3. I'm guessing the Nobel Prize committee haven't seen the new Department of Defense numbers that obama has increased greatly.

  4. Impartial Examiner, both of them are happening. Achmedinejad has as recently as August 2009 been making statements railing against Israel, which he calls "The Zionist Regime." He has said on numerous occasions that he wants Israel to be "wiped off the face of the Earth."

  5. Also,

    There's the shirt, lol

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  7. Ahmedinejad never actually said that infamous "wiped off the face of the Earth" statement. He does use the term "Zionist Regime" though, but I can't blame him because Israel's government certainly behaves that way.